• Coronavirus Travel Question

    Has the Coronavirus affected your travel? or will it affect your upcoming travel?
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  • 2020 Choice Benefits Now Available

    2020 Choice Benefits just became available. See below:STAY FOR MOREThis year, stay at least 50 eligible nights to choose one of these Annual Choice Benefits from Marriott Bonvoy™: Add five Elite Night Credits...
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  • What are the 50-Night Choice Benefits for 2020

    communitymanagers can you advise us on when the 50-Night Choice Benefits will be announced for 2020? I went to the link from last year and received the following message: "The 2019 Annual Choice benefit deadline has ...
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  • Worse and worse the customer service Marriott Bonvoy - Experience at Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires

    Hello Insiders!   I open this thread, to tell you about my experience at Hotel Panamericano Buenos Aires (Marriott brand hotel), and my disagreement with Marriott's Customer Service, where each time the guest is...
  • New data breach affects ~5.2M Marriott customers

    New data breach at Marriott.    Read more here Marriott International Notifies Guests of Property System Incident   A couple of key points Marriott believes that this activity started in mid-January...
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  • Changes to Insiders

    I’ve never posted all that much but found insiders to be very helpful and especially the community managers have been very help every time I’ve reached out to them.   this morning I posted something ...
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  • How can we earn elite status for next year

    The unexpected "no soft landing" policy downgrade some people, on the other hand, even for those who will still stay in P or T status this year, the point is seeing the situation, how can we earn a P or above status? ...
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  • Obligations of Hotels Closing for Their Own Convenience

    It's not surprising that hotels are closing while restrictions are in place preventing people from travelling, but what are the obligations of hotels that choose to close now for a much longer period than restrictions...
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  • No soft landings

    Seeing panic and pandemonium of FB about folks dropping from Titanium to Gold and other non-soft landings. Here on Insiders I haven't seen any discussion. Was hoping for more level and balanced data points. 
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  • Aviation Geeks Unite!

    Since IAHFLYR, trippin', pluto77, and a few others have been having sporadic aviation discussions in threads that have nothing to do with aviation, I thought I'd at least steer those discussions into it's own discussi...
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  • Bonvoy Hacked?

    I received an email saying the Marriott Bonvoy was hacked and offering a credit monitoring service to offset the exposure. It looks legitimate including a link to your website, etc. but still I see no mention of this ...
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  • Personal and Business credit card nights now stack

    There's been a rule change by Marriott reported by TPG that as of now the 15 Elite Night Credits from the personal and Business credit cards, both Chase and Amex, both earn Elite Night Credit for a total of 30 if you ...
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  • When Does Lifetime Status Counter Update?

    Curious - when does the Lifetime Status counter update? The nights update, but the years have not since this counter was first posted after the merger. There was no change last year (I earned Platinum in December) and...
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  • Insiders Passing Time During Virus

    Well here in Texas much like other parts of the U.S. we have no restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms and the like open for indoor usage.  Restaurants are open for take-out, delivery or drive thru as we all attempt to h...
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  • Can we get marriot to do what Hilton is doing for their members?

    Ive been sticking with marriort properties exclusively for 2 years now and barely made titanium elite for this year. Due to the pause in travel i probably wont be able to recertify for next year. Hilton on the other-h...
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  • Cancelation Refunds can take 90 days?

    Why is that Marriott needs 90 days to process refunds? They are very quick to take your money but are essentially asking for a 90 day interest free loan now? Makes you wonder if they have cash flow problems... do they...
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  • It Is Time To Start A Grilling Thread

    Okay folks, it is that time of year when we all need to get outside and enjoy some awesome early Spring weather.  Along with being outside there are some of Insiders who love to grill all type of food, kids like ...
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  • Travel Again

    Just wanted to say I like the  "We will travel again"  I am so waiting to travel and enjoy the world.  My family and I so look forward to it
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  • Do you recheck your hotel rates after you've made them?

    It often pays to recheck your hotel rates prior to checking in at a hotel.  We will be staying in 8 different Marriott properties on an upcoming trip and I have saved about $71 (+the money saved on taxes) by rech...
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  • 2020 Upcoming Stays!

    <<—2019 Upcoming Stays.                                                    ...
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