• Best warm weather destinations in the month of Febuary

    Wife and I are celebrating our 30th.  We like exploring the local area, history, water activities.  She wants warm weather.
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  • 2019 Upcoming Stays

    Welcome Insiders! See where others stay & feel free to add your own!   Note:To edit document, click edit on the upper right. Add stays in the same format as everyone else, then click the  update button...
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  • ABQ Balloon Fiesta - Mini-Tipple - Marriott Pyramid Albuquerque - Eye Candy

    What an experience!!!  I'm just back from a week at the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (AIBF), an extended stay at the Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid hotel, and all of it ties into a not-really-a-mini-TIP...
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  • Can I extend the expiration date of the Visa Annual Cat 6 Certificate if I book before it expires?

    I have by Category 5 certificate available from my Bonvoy Visa card. The certificate expires on 2/06/20. Is there anyway to extend that certificate by 3 weeks? I need to travel on 2/26/20 and want to book before it ex...
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  • I achieved Ambassador Status in 2018 (and it is valid until February 2020). In 2019 I will only achieve Gold, will I remain Gold after Feb 2020 until Feb 2021?

    I achieved Ambassador Status in 2018 (and it is valid until February 2020). This year, in 2019 I will only achieve Gold. Will I remain as a Gold Elite Member after Feb 2020 until Feb 2021?
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  • Wow....what a ridiculous card for Lifetime Titanium.

    Just a question:  What, exactly, am I supposed to do with a heavy, metal, card that says Lifetime Titanium on it?  I couldn't even pass a metal detector with this thing.  I am happy that they chose to r...
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  • Where do I stay in London?

    ok insider crew. I am heading to the UK for a funeral / wake and will have one night stay in London (2 nights in Reading which has no marriotts so I’ll prob hit up malmaison there) .  i feel close to Paddin...
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  • Lifetime Titanium Elite Card

    I am Lifetime Titanium Elite Member with 1,652 nights my question is have others receive the new Marriott Bonvoy Lifetime Titanium Elite Card?   I have requested it past several months never receiving one just g...
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  • friends and family program

    I'm looking for room in Fort Lauderdale, Fla for the month of October, my Brother currently works for the marriott here in chicago. so I want to use his friends and family explore program authorization form that he ga...
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  • 5 Days in Madrid

    Our trip started in Lisbon, as I had booked round trip air fare from Boston.  Initially, I was going to rent an auto, but we nixed that idea and I found round trip airfare between Madrid and Lisbon for $400 total...
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  • Which property in the FL Panhandle?

    My fiance and I will be traveling to NOLA for Christmas this year.  Since we're driving from Tampa, we thought we'd use my Marriott CC Certificate (up to 40K per night) to break up the drive.  We're looking ...
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  • New Targeted Promotion

    Long time lurker. Been keeping an eye out for the Fall Megabonus and just had this come through, so figured I throw it out there. Looks like a new round of targeted promotions is out there.   Promo is 2 free sta...
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  • elite night

    I haven't received this year's elite night credit toward, and confirm that my birthday and email have been set. Please help me to update it.
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  • Months for credit card elite nights to post

    I still have the old Marriott credit card where we get elite night credits.  It seems like they only post every 3 months. The last update for them was aug 11. We are due a bunch of nights and are 3 nights away fr...
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  • 15 Elite Night Credits Question

    I am about to receive the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless card.  Will I get the annual 15 elite night credits in this calendar year (i.e. 2019)?  After reading the terms, I wasn't sure if I get them within 60 days...
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  • NEW: Eat Around Town by Marriott Bonvoy™ program

    I never noticed this before and saw this program when I logged in this morning under the "Recommended for you" section and also on my "My Trips" page.          eataroundtown.marriott.com &#...
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  • Disappointed: Why do we get informed about programs after we would have completed them?

    Disappointed with Marriott Bonvoy's professionalism and knowledge. Staff at hotels have been excellent but the loyalty program is lacking. Found out about the Platinum Challenge by the loyalty customer service agent s...
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  • To all my fellow Canadians on here

    Enjoy and to all the other non-Canadians, still wish us a good one!  What a joy to be thankful living in one of the best places on Earth!
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  • Megabonus until 31/12/2019

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  • Cash and Points= Daylight Robbery!

    I decided this morning that I would look at accommodation for the weekend of the Turn up and Tipple in April. I currently have about 40000 points( I say about because Marriott/ hotel ballsed up my points from my recen...
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