• Marriott Austin & Matt M. Operating With No Ethics / Core Values

    Hello, unfortunately due to COVID the SXSW Conference was cancelled, however, Marriott still believes its OK to make $ and revenue by unethically charging people, stating that:    "Unfortunately Marriott po...
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  • Cancelation Refunds can take 90 days?

    Why is that Marriott needs 90 days to process refunds? They are very quick to take your money but are essentially asking for a 90 day interest free loan now? Makes you wonder if they have cash flow problems... do they...
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  • Obligations of Hotels Closing for Their Own Convenience

    It's not surprising that hotels are closing while restrictions are in place preventing people from travelling, but what are the obligations of hotels that choose to close now for a much longer period than restrictions...
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  • BLACK MOLD please help!

    BLACK MOLD all over Sheraton Hotel. Need some advice on the proper way to handle this situation as I am completely baffled at the fact that there is a very clear water damage issue at this hotel, the entire building s...
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  • Are Club Level Certificates Being Extended Due to COVID-19?

    The Ritz-Carlton credit card by JP Morgan Chase has many benefits to Marriott Bonvoy members, including three club level certificates that can be used each year at Ritz-Carlton hotels.  This provides access to th...
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  • Can we get marriot to do what Hilton is doing for their members?

    Ive been sticking with marriort properties exclusively for 2 years now and barely made titanium elite for this year. Due to the pause in travel i probably wont be able to recertify for next year. Hilton on the other-h...
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  • Travel Again

    Just wanted to say I like the  "We will travel again"  I am so waiting to travel and enjoy the world.  My family and I so look forward to it
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  • Triple TIPPLE Airline Tickets

    Yep, it is something to ponder, Triple TIPPLE Airline Tickets or better known as (TTAT)!   So what are your thoughts fellow Insiders on this subject of TTAT?     Here are things I've discovered ov...
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  • Hotel Offering "Work at Home" Rate

    Interesting idea and rate offer for working remotely...I give this Philly hotel credit, I think.
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  • It Is Time To Start A Grilling Thread

    Okay folks, it is that time of year when we all need to get outside and enjoy some awesome early Spring weather.  Along with being outside there are some of Insiders who love to grill all type of food, kids like ...
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  • Hyatt Pokes Marriott

    Pretty much says it all.   Hyatt Sends Marriott A Message | LoyaltyLobby 
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  • Coronavirus Travel Question

    Has the Coronavirus affected your travel? or will it affect your upcoming travel?
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  • Going to New York City end of May, where shall we stay?

    Hello, My family is going to New York City in June.  My daughter wants to see a Broadway show every night, so we will be walking to the theater district. I have been reading reviews of Marriott Bonvoy hotels fr...
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  • No soft landings

    Seeing panic and pandemonium of FB about folks dropping from Titanium to Gold and other non-soft landings. Here on Insiders I haven't seen any discussion. Was hoping for more level and balanced data points. 
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  • When Does Lifetime Status Counter Update?

    Curious - when does the Lifetime Status counter update? The nights update, but the years have not since this counter was first posted after the merger. There was no change last year (I earned Platinum in December) and...
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  • Do you recheck your hotel rates after you've made them?

    It often pays to recheck your hotel rates prior to checking in at a hotel.  We will be staying in 8 different Marriott properties on an upcoming trip and I have saved about $71 (+the money saved on taxes) by rech...
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  • Half a year to TripleTIPPLE

    Yes folks, believe it or not it’s exactly 26 weeks, that’s 182 days till TripleTIPPLE.    On Friday, 25 September 2020 we Insiders will gather together here    To do what we did th...
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  • Meals You Make From Restaurants or TV Shows

    My guess is there is plenty of home cooking happening around the world at this time so I'm curious what things other Insiders are coming up with for meals they've had at a restaurant before or seen on TV?   Ofte...
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  • 2020 Upcoming Stays!

    <<—2019 Upcoming Stays.                                                    ...
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  • My 2020 Marriott Stays: A Pictorial

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