The "Lettermen" sing in St. Charles, Mo!

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One of my favorite FF's is in St. Charles, Mo and not far from the hotel was a wonderful event last night!  For over 50 years and with millions of music albums sold they put on a great program!


It was a wonderful production and the music was both inspirational and entertaining.  The sang songs from the 50's thru today!  Many wonderful patriotic songs and spent a lot of time actually in the audience.  They found a "Maria" in the audience and sang "Maria", from West Side Story!


The performance was done at Lindenwood College at J. Scheidegger Center for the Arts.


They indicated they only had one regret at this performance, "Jasper was not there", I explained he will catch them in Orlando!  They did allow photo's during the performance, just no taping of audio.


Would recommend this FF and The Letterman.  Great songs!  Here are a few photo's!


Recommend this show!



The wanted to get their picture with a Marriott Insider and asked for Jasper, I was a "Poor substitute", but had to stand in while they sang "Up, Up and Away"!


The Founder, Tony Butala, at 73 years young, puts on a great performance, as does Donovan Tea, and Bobby Poynton.


Hope you will have a chance to enjoy their show!