Lions around the bay today

Discussion created by anadyr on Apr 5, 2012

DSCN0021.JPGOn a chilly April morning (41 degrees f) I walked the streets of Old Monterey (California) heading for a place that I should go everyday but seldom do--Fisherman's Wharf.       Like many of us, we think of places only when there are guests in town, and ignore them other times.  When we lived in Washington DC we forgot that the Mall and Smithsonian were gems and only went there during relative visits.

Today the California Sea Lions were in a festive, smelly and rambunctious mood--no news there.  It's always a time for barking and snorting among these marine mammals, mostly males, and of course warming in the sun.  Today, however, the air temperature was colder than the water's.

The locals have given up keeping these guys away, and built platformsDSCN0023.JPG for them to nest on.  Here they are, jostling for a space on their raft.

DSCN0028.JPGThey didn't even realize how close they were to the Monterey Marriott or a fastastic Wisteria on an old adobe, but I did.

Just another day in Old Monterey.