Mary Ann R. has got you covered at the Detroit Marriott

Discussion created by chitownshanni on Apr 5, 2012
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I have been visiting the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center for couple of years, and while the staff overall are always welcoming and friendly here ( seriously - the ladies in the concierge lounge know everyone -most by name no less!), Mary Ann R goes above and beyond! A little background here - I travel for business 80% of the time, and have to admit that I pretty consistently receive great service at all of the Marriott hotels I frequent.  So what's so special about Mary Ann, purveyor of libations and delicacies at the Volt bar?  Well for starters, when you hear other regulars chatting about her great service in the elevators you know she's "that" good at her job!  ( and FYI it was to say that even though the expensive restaurant is yummy they liked coming to the bar just beacause of you!) Not only did she remember what I liked to drink after TWO visits, she is always upbeat, friendly and concerned about the quality of your visit.  She will even tease me when I deviate from the usual... She's always ready to explain the changes in the menu since my last visit and share her recommendations - and I gotta say she has never steered me wrong!  Take tonight for example - I once ordered the fish tacos and was underwhelmed; I arrived tonight and the first thing she told me was that the fish was now grilled and to give it another chance - and I did!

I watch this paragon work the room like the pro  that she is... Friendly and personable, but sensitive to that couple over yonder who looks to be deeply engrossed in conversation...  And giving a little extra attention to that guy over there on his own... Hey wait a minute - he's pretty cute and no ring... Maybe you need to branch out into matchmaking??? Please? It's the Tigers's season opener today and this place is teeming with folks, but Mary Ann is working this room and making sure that everyone will go home happy!

Sure I travel all the time and stay at other Marriotts just as frequently as this one, but does anyone else who works at them know I'm headed to Paris next week AND recommend a website where I simply must buy the cutest shoes on the face of the earth? Nope...not even close!

Thanks Mary Ann for going that extra mile, and for making this at times road-weary traveller glad to be visiting your city for the umpteenth time! It's such a treat to see someone who is great at their job in action, and just wanted to say thanks for the TLC and friendly face in the Motor City!

PS: those fish tacos ARE miles better and you were spot on about the lobster bisque!