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Question asked by ssindc on Apr 4, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2012 by pluto77

Safe to assume that I wasn't the only one to be greeted today with this astounding proclamation: Good news! You have enough points for 5 Free Nights at any Category 4 hotel ???


That's all very nice, except that, well, I actually have enough points for a month at any Category 4 hotel....   Is it only me, or does it seem like - if someone is going to take the time to program an electronic notice to some Marriott Rewards members but not others, they ought to spend another 15 minutes and customize it or code it appropriately?  Granted, I'm not an IT professional or a web designer, but I'm pretty confident that, if they can figure out how to blast an email notice to all Marriott Rewards members with 80,000 points or more in their accounts, they can also customize it into bands (e.g., at least 80,000 points but not more than x points).  On the other hand,  what they said is true, and it's simple to send the same notice to everyone.


My boys tell me that some mornings I wake up and act like a cranky old man.  Maybe today is one of those days - sorry about that.  So, if you were happy to receive your notification that you, too, have enough points for 5 Free Nights at any Category 4 hotel, I hope I didn't diminish the luster on your day.  And, now, to end on a more positive note, see here for some Insiders' takes on their favorite Category 4 hotels: Also, don't rule out the category 3's either - I've spent a lot of time in the Residence Inn in Charlottesville, and the rooms are comfortable, the breakfast is nice, the weekday cookouts are fun in the summer, and the staff is unfailingly pleasant....


All right, and, now that I'm done whining, let me be clear that I'm ecstatic to have a fat pot of Marriott Points - it may not be an appropriate reward, but it's more than minor consolation for the road warrior's travails.  And, yes, my boys (yes, the same spoiled gents who tell me I'm a cranky old man, but have luxuriated in wonderful Marriott properties from California to Florida to New York and Barcelona, Berlin, London, and Toronto) are busily planning their next dream vacation courtesy of our family's favorite loyalty rewards program. THANK YOU MARRIOTT REWARDS!!!!!!!