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Hilton Head Resort - Marriott at Palmetto Dunes

Question asked by jmring on Apr 3, 2012
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Has anyone stayed at this property recently?


I am currently staying here with the family as we speak.  As a Premium Platinum Member with Marriott i am using points for my stay and thank goodness as this property isn't worth more than 70-80 a night.  I honestly cant believe how run down this place is.  I stay at Marriott properties about 125 nights a year and this property ranks at the bottom.  When we checked in and tried to inquire about any upgrades, we were met with a smiling stare, as the front desk support staff's understanding of English was less than qualified for his position.  So while we did not get an upgraded room, i am quite sure we got one of the smaller rooms.  For examples, with two double beds and a chair and desk, there isn't really anymore floor space left.  Oddly, the closet is quite large.  I would also expect my sheets to be white, not dishwater brown.  In fact, the pillows are so bad looking and the pillow case so old looking, we will be buying cheap pillows from Target for the rest of the stay.  The AC never shuts off and musty is the smell of the day at this place, or maybe i should just say humid, since we are so close to the ocean.


I am writing this so late, I have not attempted to call the front desk to discuss options or remedies at this point, but I will try in the morning when i attempt to see if they will allow me to have breakfast for free since i am a platinum member and this property is without a concierge lounge.