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Need advice on Barcelona, Espana

Question asked by ladance on Apr 1, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2012 by tuono07

Hello!  I am making a quick add-on 3 day trip to Barcelona after a Business trip week in southern Spain.  I am very familiar with Spain having lived there but not with Barcelona, the one place I have never visited in Spain.  I am looking for a hotel in a good location in Barcelona where I can make the most of the location and get to sightseeing easily and quickly.  I want to use Marriott Rewards points so I don't want to stay at  the Ritz Carlton as it will use up too many points and I expect I will only be in the room for sleeping.  I think my 3 days will be filled with seeing the sights.  I do not know enough about Barcelona to pick the Marriott hotel in the best location or a good location.  I am a woman and will be by myself  so I need a safe area of the city.  Can anyone give me advice on which Marriott location would work best?