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Do I have to beg for Platinum Elite benefits?

Question asked by gsueagle68 on Mar 31, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2013 by bpelican

Why is it that some Marriott properties make you work for your Platinum benefits?  They almost make you beg for the benefits that are a part of the program.  I guess I should be more assertive/aggressive but that would be a little out of character though I can and have done it.  Today, I checked into a Marriott property and requested a riverfront room.  I was told by the front desk staff that we have you in a river view room which is really much better.  Not!  It's fine and I am not going to bring it up to them (if I was staying longer I would).  I've stayed at other properties that go out of their way to recognize Platinum Elite members, but then there are others.  It almost makes you feel like they don't want to provide any of the benefits.  Maybe it is just me...


I should end this on a positive note though.  The staff have all been very friendly.