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Rehabbing Hotels?  From a Service Persective

Question asked by anadyr on Mar 31, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2012 by anadyr

We often hear about the physical renovation of hotels, the redesign of hotel lobbies, the color scheme switches, but what about rehabilitation of the hotel as a service organization?

What brought this to mind was the issue recently raised at Marriott rewards insiders to rate specific hotels. This rating was at the suggestion of the community manager of MRI. It is step one in changing the game at a specific hotel. Step two, it seems to me, would be to start the change to make the property better. In order to do this, the hotel management needs to see the content of these ratings not just a summary of the scores they have received. Step three would be to actually do something about the shortfalls identified.

What started me thinking about this was the ratings which were received by the Marriott Marquis in New York City. For the most part the ratings are less than perfect. Many of us have had the same problem at the hotel – – elevator issues, service issues, and other problems, common at a large multi-thousand room hotel. So my question is? What will be done about this? Does it matter that a majority of those who care to comment find the hotel less than perfect? Can we expect change to result from these comments?

Does this matter in the scheme of things or have we given up on changes at specific properties?

Your thoughts matter so post them here.