Why is Hilton so much cheaper in New York?

Discussion created by platinumstar on Mar 29, 2012
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I am staying at the Marriott Downtown in NYC (one of my favourite NY hotels) from the 28th - 30th April for a very reasonable advance purchase rate of $220 a night, however, I am staying in NY until the 1st May but Marriott are charging $449 for the 3rd night so I decided to .look elsewhere. However, Hilton dont seem to have increased their prices for weekday stays during that period (not sure if thats normal or not but I expect to pay less at weekends), but Hilton have the brand new suites at the Conrad just 5 mins away from where I will be staying at only $299 for the 30th April (my 3rd night) and have much cheaper prices in midtown Manhattan starting at $184.00 for the 30th April, yet Marriott are charging so much more? Initially I thought there must be something going on in the city like a big convention but as Hilton and Starwood are offering reasonable prices for weekdays it seems very likely that I will check out of the Marriott Downtown and move to a competitor. I am a leisure traveller so to get to 75 nights a year for my Platinum status is not easy but Marriott are not helping me by charging such high prices compared to others. Anyone from Marriott care to comment (I'm keeping a copy of this posting this time incase it disappears again)