Hotel Properties

Discussion created by jmring on Mar 28, 2012

In the ratings and review area, the community manager has loaded dozens of properties for us members to review and make comments on, as well as rating the property.  I think that we should be given access to load properties in this area as well, so that we can get a taste for a larger selection of properties.  The properties in there now are predominately marquis properties or resort destinations.  I stay over 125 nights a year at a lot of different properties, from Fairfield'sto JW's depending on the city and price in North America, and I would like to get a feel from other members that may have stayed at these properties as to their opinion.  I can go to "Yelp", but many times the reviews are from tourists.


I think that this would allow Marriott to get a better understanding of the properties that wear their name.  The consistencies from property to property can often be all over the board.  In addition, I am finding more and more that my status of Platinum Premier means nothing to the vast majority of properties.