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Does it say anywhere on the websites that you can't use reward points for just any room in the hotel?

Question asked by tyrrael on Mar 26, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2012 by tyrrael

Hi, first time Marriott user and Marriott credit card owner. I signed up for the Silver Premiere card because of the bonuses that it gave. I thought the 50k points and free 1-4 category night certificate could help me get rooms that I was planning on getting later on this year.


I called up for reservations in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada. They tell me that the room I want to book doens't allow for points usage. It's the fallsview room with a king bed. I ask, what rooms do allow for points usage, and I'm told that only the very basic room in the hotel can be used. The riverview, nothing special about it, lowest room on the hotel pretty much.


Nowhere on their website or the terms and conditions can I find that this is true. I didn't see anywhere that only certain rooms can points be used. I wasn't even told that I could use points to "upgrade" to that certain room, just that points may never be used on that room type.


Anyone have any ideas?


(Also have a question about why a hotel that exists isn't showing up for dates on website reservations... but that's for another topic)