Young (23 Years old) Recent Platinum Member's Experiences

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Hey Everyone,


So as the subject explains, I am 23 and probably one of the youngest platinum members in the program.  I am currently in the middle of a 209 consecutive night stay at the Residence Inn in Tyler, Texas (Nice place and staff, but a terribly boring city (If you want to call it that) to live in.)  I recently took trips to Dallas and New Orleans using Marriott Points that I have accrued, and I'll admit that since I am young, I had low expectations as to how I would be treated as a platinum member.  However, my experiences showed a much different result:


1 Night stay at the Renaissance in Dallas, Texas:


I was staying here with my girlfriend who was flying in to visit, as she lives 1,000 miles away while I am on a temporary work rotation in the financial industry for a Forbes top 50 employer.  I arrived early to check in before she landed and was greeted warmly, after the hotel clerk had looked at his computer and realized that I was a platinum member.  I was given the choice between points and food ( I chose the points), was upgraded to the concierage level with a king sized bed (Lounge not open on weekends), and then directed to the concierage area to help set up my evening.  They did an excellent job of referring us to a nice Italian restaurant, and recommended clubs and bars to got to afterwards.  We were also given a free breakfast buffet at the hotel restarant, which had a nice spread.  Overall, we were very happy with our stay.


2 Night stay J.W. Marriott, New Orleans (Canal Street)


I was here by myself visiting family and friends.  Although it was a little bit of a walk to Bourbon Street, I was still able to find my way back even after a few drinks (Okay maybe more than a few...).  Upon checking in I was given the points bonus AND a free beer AND a cheese and crackers spread.  I was also upgraded to a room with a king sized bed, on the level below the concierage level (Once again the lounge was not open on weekends, which is kind of disappointing).  Although I didn't spend much time in the room, I was impressed with the more luxurious layout, especially in comparrison to most hotels that I have stayed in.  Luckily, I had flown there, otherwise it would have been $35 a night to park, which is a bit steep in my mind.  Overall, once again I was very impressed, more so because of my age.  I had the expectations that I would be treated as if I was mooching off of one of my parent's accounts, or jsut treated differently because I was younger, but I was very happy with both stays, as well as my extended stay at the Residence Inn in Tyler, Texas.