Point Lobos State Reserve, Carmel CA, USA

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PL Map.gif.jpgThis little gem, about three miles south of Ocean Avenue, the main drag for Carmel by the Sea, is located just off California highway 1.  If you're headed south to Big Sur, another 21 miles, stop here and spend some time in an unspoiled part of the Central California Coast.  Point Lobos is also one of the parks in the California system that has been touched by budget problems so call ahead to see that their operating normal hours. The original name was Punta de los Lobos Marinos or "Point of the Sea Wolves" for the California sea lion frequently seen lounging on the offshore islands. It is alleged that Robert Louis Stevenson walked the area while living in Monterey and used the scenic area for the backdrop of his novel, Treasure Island.

Docents are knowledgeable and always willing to lead tour groups at appointed times. Many are also Guides (another volunteer position) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, located on Cannery Row in Monterey.

The natural beauty of Point Lobos, mostly unspoiled (there are paved areas) is wonderful any time of the year.  During the winter months you might be able to see Gray Whales migrating along the coast.  Otters are near the shore, often wrapped in Kelp beds or pounding crustaceans or Abalone on their tummies.  Of course the namesake California Sea Lions are there, even on cloudy days. constantly barking. 

We live on the mountain (hill) overlooking the Bay in Monterey and we can hear them in the morning, even at 700 feet above sea level, as they make noise at Fisherman's Wharf down below us.

So, when in Monterey or Carmel check this out.  Worth a few hours of your time to see the coast as it was before we all got here.

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