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Question asked by shoeman1000 on Mar 25, 2012
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It seems that the core group is now spending an inordinate amount of postings on benefits we would like to have as elite members.  As that sentence suggests, it is somewhat self-serving, limited in scope, and not really getting us anywhere.  As I see it, there are several key discussions going on simultaneously:


1.  free guaranteed upgrades to platinums

2.  free breakfast

3.  lounges open seven days a week

4.  platinum premier  - raising it's value

5.  upgrades in general

6. BOGO's  - both meals and nights


I believe those are the key concerns being discussed at this time, maybe I forgot one or two.  Either way, It's a broad range of 'wants', all of which come with a price tag.  How do we rank them in importance?  It may surprise some, but the ONLY one worth fighting for in my opinion is the free guaranteed upgrades for Platinums.  I find that the hotels I stay at provide the free breakfast.  check.  Lounges open 7 days a week.  I travel all week long and only sporadically do I travel on the weekend.  If I do, it's a sunday, and the cl reopens sunday night.  check.  platinum premier.  I'm all for raising the value, just don't know how to quantify the increase.  Upgrades in general.  Surprisingly, so far this year, I'm ok with the % of time I am getting upgraded.  check.  BOGO's.  Honestly, I never used them.  I would carry around the meal certificates, but for some reason, I find I hardly ever eat at the hotel.  I never even noticed the bog's for nights. 


So, there you have it.  Granted these are my opinions based on my needs.  I recognize that others have differing needs and I would love to hear from all of you.  But let's be real.  For all our polls, posts, rants, and raves, we have gotten nowhere.  I think we need to focus on one thing possibly and pound away.