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Question asked by jlajhb on Mar 23, 2012
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The Marriott location that I have stayed at around 200 nights in the last year is being renovated for the next three months(just started). I have noticed that this location has lost the business travelers section to others in the area for the past year. The sites General Manager had a recent conversation with me after I arrived back on a Sunday night at 10pm to discover only one other car in the parking lot. During the next two weeks the hotel never had more than 25% of the rooms filled. She told me that her response to people having to put up with some renovation issues would be to drop the price of a night 40% to keep them coming to her location. I assured her this was faulty thinking in my mind. Business travelers like myself has guidelines as to how much we can pay for a room without having to get special approval. Less per night, less points. So we go where we get the best advantage, not cheapest.


In the business travel area most of my people I know are points whores. I told her we check sites like Point to see who is giving the most in my needed area. I told her my advise would be to leave the price the same and give bonus points. Her response was to tell me that after the renovations were done the hotel would raise the level of points needed for a free night. I showed her that another Marriott  hotel in the Marriott chain in state was giving 6,000 bonus points per night. Surely bonus points would be a better idea than a 40% price cut. I told her that after she cut the price I would be leaving and begin staying at the Fairfield Inn at the other end of town. Surely these bonus points could not cost that much.