Dobb's Ferry and Absinthe. SF, CA

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OK Marriott Wizards, why is this photo oriented this way?  Any suggestions since it is normal and upright in Photoshop and Picasa?


Dobb's Ferry, located in Hayes Valley of San Fransisco, and only four months old, is   a nice watering hole and eating establishment that I will recommend for Zagat 2013 next time the SF book comes calling. Great drinks and lovely surroundings.  Highly recommended.  These first two photos are of the Dobb's Ferry location.


DSCN9988.JPGDining room is elegant and sparsely furnished but very nicely done..


Absinthe , nearby, is older and a tad bit more costly but a good fun place as well.


Stelline, where we dined is a wonderfully authentic Italian restaurant with rock bottom prices, and wonderful ambiance.

This section of town is undergoing a revival, as did nearby Union Street and worth a trip away from the hub-bub of Union and Ghiardelli Square.



Here's a wine selection at Stelline (below).