Satisfaction Achieved from Marriott Rewards Customer Service

Discussion created by nuhusker on Mar 21, 2012
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This past weekend I made some upcoming reservations, cancelled some, and then added a crib request to one of my existing reservations at Raleigh Downtown Marriott using 40k points for a two night stay.  Well, little did I know that since this hotel recently changed from a cat 4 to a cat 5, this crib request up'ed the required points from 40 k to 50k!  So I called MR Customer Service to find out WHY and to get my 10k points back into my account.  The agent had no idea why that happened but would be happy to reinstate those 10k points within 3 days after I completed this stay.  WHAT??!!!!  They took my points immediately but want me to wait till May to get them back??  So, being totally dissatisfied with that answer, I asked to speak with a supervisor.  In steps Alta to the rescue!  She understood the problem, we came to an agreeable solution which involved allowing me to use 2 cat 1-4 free night certificates thus getting my 50K points back immediately, and comp'ed me 10k points for my trouble and frustration.  Nice move.  She offered her personal extension number in SLC if I ever needed help with my account again and after I asked for it she gave me her boss's email address so I can send a complimentary note of thanks regarding the help I got from Alta.  Not only did I get my account straightened out, Marriott earned a ton of goodwill points from me as well.  Another satisfied customer!!  Awesome!!