Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany

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About 65 kilometers South of The Munich Marriott (Or CY), is a most interesting place to visit. The quaint town of Oberammergau, is host to it's famous "Passion Play", once every ten years.  Have never been to the famous play, but have enjoyed the town on numerous occasions.  Most memorable are the Christmas visits to Oberammergau.  The shopping and dining are easy and the stores are very friendly.  It is a great stop on your trip thru Bavaria.  From  Munich go South on Autobahn A-95, and don't worry about speeding.  I was cruising at 135 mph, and many cars were passing me.  That is the fastest I have ever driven!  When you see flashing lights coming up from behind, you will learn early, to get over!


Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy!



The is the main staging building for the Passion Play.  You can walk around this friendly village and enjoy the interesting shops and dine in a relaxing manner.


Sidewalk cafe's and great ice cream shops are well worth a visit!


My favorite for ice cream, and a real treat for travelers!


Festive place!  Imagine this at Christmas?