Forest Park, St. Louis, MO

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Not far from the Ritz, Marriott Union Station or RI Clayton, is a place for everyone to enjoy.  St. Louis hosted the World's Fair at the park in 1904, and the place is still as spectacular as then.  Today it is home to the St. Louis Zoo, Science Center, Art Museum, Jefferson History Museum, Golf Course and more.  Going there on St. Patricks Day, when the weather is 80 degrees, was not a great idea, unless you like a (Green) crowd!  The Zoo is "World Class" and is free to all!St


Here are some photo's of "A Day in the Park"!



Looking to the Campus of Washington University, to the left is "The Money Museum".  This was the partial site of the 1904 World's Fair.



The front and back of The Jefferson History Museum


Dwight Davis Tennis Center



The Muny Opera, "Home of Famous Shows and Entertainment".


The McDonnell Planetarium, part of the wonderful Science Center, a favorite for children as well as adults.



A scene out of "The World's Fair", The Art Museum (Was not built till after the World's Fair), but the fountains were there in 1904.  The hill is favorite for families to snow sled down, and is called "Art Hill"!  The last picture is St. Louis and is found atop Art Hill, in front of The Art Museum.