Zugspitzer, Bavaria, Germany

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Not far from the comfortable Marriott properties in Munich (Or accessible from Salzburg, Austria), is a wonderful place to hike, ski, or just see.  The Zugspitzer, is the highest point in Germany and is breathtaking to experience.  There is no Marriott properties in the town of Garmisch, but it is about a one hour drive from Munich.  You may want to take in the wonderful city of Oberammergau, (Passion Play, once every decade), but will save that for another story.  There is much to see and do in this area of Bavaria.


Let's start with the Lift to the top and some other photo's of interest.  You will note the scenes at the top!  No 2bc up there, but you may have a "Shot" to prepare you for the ride back down!

A day of fun, in Bavaria!