JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort

Discussion created by stephenabdo on Mar 20, 2012
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I know the resort have some nice things and you can read about those in other discussion.  This discussion is from the perspective of someone with a family and young children which is resort is not suitable for. Also, the resort's furnishings and carpet are a little outdated and nothing speical that you don't see at a regular JW Marriott.


While I agree with other guests that the many of the staff are friendly, others are rude, condescending and make things purposely inconvenient so you have to pay some fee or tip them.


What I found especially condescending:

Having "the Elite Members Ambassador" tell me how much they value my loyalty. Being a Marriott Elite member doesn't get you anything at the Desert Ridge resort.  Everything that the resort tells you get as an Elite member is already include in the $25 resort fee + 13% tax.


What I found especially demeaning:

Having our diaper bags searched for "food not purchased at the resort" every time we went to the pool. Also, the kids' pool was all the way the end where your path is blocked by chairs, towels and staff serving food.


What I found absolutely unacceptable:

On our first night there,being close to the pool, we were awaken at 1 AM to the sound of shouting and screaming.  When I called the front desk, they said they will take care of it.  However,  the loud noises continued until 2 AM.  When I went downstairs to talk to manager, the security officer, Chris, joined her. Chris had the mental faculties of Barney Fife and the wit of Gomer Pyle. It seems his job description no longer includes keeping the peace, instead it now includes harassing guests who have a complaint and defending loud and drunk baboons masquerading as businessmen (i.e. the corporate client).  He interrogated me about what time I made the call earlier and said, "this is a hotel; people get drunk!"

The manager did arrange for us to move to another room.  However, the move kept getting delayed and disrupted our whole day. What is worse is I think the reason is that the bellman wanted us to be in the room when he moved our bags so that he can get his tip.  Of course, they would not let us borrow a cart so I can move the bags myself.


After five years as a Marriott Platinum Elite member, I am staying at a Hilton this week for the first time in 5 years.