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Discussion created by tef6178 on Mar 16, 2012
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I wasn't going to say anything at all because I know it happens and when it does it's very aggravating. But, my wife was shopping today and was told by a clerk (in more than one location) that there was a problem. She was also told where she works (retail) by more than one customer that their Chase card had been compromised.


So, here goes:


My Marriott Chase Visa was compromised last week (stolen) and the company notified me because as I was charging my restaurant purchase in Naples, FL while someone else was using a copy of my card in Ocala, FL. Now, my thought was that someone had, as they can easily do today, copied my card info at one of the locations I had shopped and made a copy of my info to create a card. But, my wife told me that MANY folks had been having problems with their Chase Visa and their card info being compromised so they couldn't use it. Has anyone heard anything about Chase having their customer info compromised in their system?