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Unused Marriott Vacation Club Points

Question asked by gerardwroe on Mar 19, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2015 by maddashin
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Is anybody else a member of Marriott Vacation Club? Have you faced the problem of what to do with unused and unusable points?


It seems that it is almost impossible to use up all the points in a year, and after carrying them forward I'm still left with unused points. When the Marriott Vacation Club point were sold to me I was told that you could convert up to 50% into Marriott Rewards Points in any one year, which then wouldn't expire. This wasn't made clear when we bought into this scheme, not was it made clear last week when we went through another MVC Sales session. In fact we were specifically told it would not be a problem and that it would be the smart thing to do.


Now it appears that not only is there a maximum limit, there is also a minimum limit - you have to convert a minimum of 250 Vacation Points, otherwise they "Have No Value". If you have less than 250 you can't convert any.


Well they have a value to me, at a nominal cost of $10 / Vacation point they have a value of $250, plus maintenance fees which have already been paid.


This leaves a very bad taste in the mouth about this scheme, and personally I am very unlikely to commit any further cash to the MVC scheme.