Spirit To Serve Nomination: Manuel R.

Discussion created by milton on Mar 17, 2012
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My daughter and a school mate were invited to attend the Communication Media Association convention in NYC the weekend of March 17, 2012. Being poor college students, and the college not allocating alot of money to cover the cost of the trip and conference, I agreed to let them use my Marriott points to cover the cost of the hotel. After checking in, my daughter informed me that she and her school mate were unable to access the internet. They called the front desk and were told that it would cost an additional $17.95 per day to get internet access. WOW. They did without WIFI their first night. The next morning they pleaded their case to Mannuel (Manny) R. at the front desk, and after looking into my backround as a loyal Marriott timeshare owner and loyal Marriot property user, he took steps that allowed them internet usage during the remainder of their convention trip. Manny is the kind of person that is making a huge difference for my daughter's first solo trip to NYC. He cares about PEOPLE! I called him personally and thanked him for helping my daughter and her class mate obtain the internet during their trip. Thanks Marriott for hiring great people like Manny!