AMEX charges--a word to the wise

Discussion created by anadyr on Mar 17, 2012
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I've had the American Express Open Business Card since 2003 with nary a problem in that time. I have however set a fraud alert on the card -- a free service -- that emails and calls me if there is suspicious activity on the card. Today that alert was triggered when a ten dollar Internet charge  hit for something at 5 am PDT and a vendor that I did not recognize.  I called as they suggested and spoke to a very sympathetic and caring associate who canceled the card, and will have a new one to me by Monday, UPS next day air.  A great experience with customer service.

Afterwards I checked the vendor who was involved in the ten dollar charge.  Seems that it is part of the wonderful world of rental cars these days--there is a separate company that handles toll charges for rental cars.  In this case an Alamo rental in Florida where toll booths have been eliminated and they take a photo of the car's plates instead.  This apparently was the reason for the charge, some FLA Turnpike Tolls and of course, a service charge!

Bottom line (s):

  1. American Express gets high marks for customer service, even thanking me for being a loyal customer,
  2. Rental car charges seem to be never ending. Fine print is everywhere.
  3. And a reminder to always check your statements and have a fraud or large purchase alert on your card.