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Question asked by ltm on Mar 13, 2012
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I would like to nominate this woman for a spirit to serve award. She works at the Salt Lake City call center. I called in about ten days ago to change my mega bonus promotion, and after she had finished with that, she asked me if there was any other help that I needed with Marriott. I advised her that I had two other problems related to points, but that not even supervisors were able to solve the problem. She asked me for the opportunity to try to resolve the problems, and I declined. She insisted on giving her the opportunity to assist so reluctantly I described the two problems to her. The one problem involves Chase and she indicated she could not help directly with this, but that she would send an email to describe my frustrations. Second problem involved the system not giving points where I had multiple reservations overlapping one another. She advised me that she was not sure she could fix that, but she would try. She seemed to know what was causing the virtual loop I was in!!! And guess what? The next day, the problem I had written three letters about was resolved and the points granted. This woman was absolutely determined to solve my problem. Can you imagine what kind of world we would live in if everybody took that approach?