Long Island (NY) Marriott

Discussion created by iestrikesback on Mar 13, 2012
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We just completed a 5-night weekday business stay at this property.  We've been staying here for as long as I can remember when doing business in the area.  It's an older hotel, but the rooms have been modernized, and it's very well-maintained.  For hockey fans, the property is adjacent to Nassau Coliseum, home of the NY Islanders.  The on-site sports bar (Champions) is great, and is the "official" Islanders sports bar from what I heard.  The bar prices seemed pretty reasonable for the area ($6 for a big Long Island Iced Tea!).  Another plus about this hotel, is that there is plentiful, FREE outdoor parking.  Check-in was efficient and friendly, but I don't recall there being a separate area for elites, but they did recognize me as one.  I was not put on the concierge level, but was given access. (via key only, for elevator, and lounge)  However, they did upgrade to a HUGE "Extra Large" corner room, with a small balcony. I wouldn't call it a suite, as there were not separate rooms, but it's probably the largest "standard" hotel room I can remember staying in.  The bathroom was pretty standard, with the mirror/sink being outside of the toilet/shower room.  The only negative about this property, is the concierge lounge.  It's MUCH too small for this size of property.  If you don't get there early (especially for breakfast) you can almost forget about getting a seat.  Also, in the evenings, they don't replenish some of the food items throughout their stated hours. (5:30 to 10pm) They had some good items (wings, chicken cordon bleu, tiramisu, for example), but you were SOL if you didn't get there early.  The attendant even told us "you should have gotten here earlier, for the good stuff!" when we showed up at 8:30 or so, wanting some dessert.


But, in summary, this is a solid property, especially if you're an Islanders or hockey fan in general.  With a little work on the concierge lounge, this could be an oustanding property for elites.