What’s the difference between tracking and following content?

Discussion created by communitymanagers on Mar 12, 2012

You have two ways to stay up to date on specific information within the Insiders community: you can follow activity or track it. The difference is that tracking provides notifications within your Communications page whereas followed content will appear on your Activity page under the Followed Activity tab.



When you track a thread, document, blog or blog post, you’ll receive notifications within your communications page whenever there's activity. Click "Track in Communications" in the Actions menu if you want to receive these notifications of new activity. To stop tracking it, just click Stop Tracking. If you track a blog, you'll receive a notification for a new post, or if you track a specific blog post, you'll receive notifications whenever another Insider posts a reply. Tracking allows a passive member to receive notifications of new activity.




If you frequent the activity page, following activity is a quick way to filter content and conversations down to your specific areas of interest. When you follow specific people, blogs or discussions, you’ll find the latest activity from your specific followed sources within your “followed activity” stream. To stop following an item, click Following so the button changes to Follow. 




What About Email?

You can also set email notifications on any item you can follow or track by clicking Receive Email Notifications under its Actions menu. This is convenient if you want to be notified by email for certain items such as updates to a document, but you don't want to set your email preferences to send mail about everything in your Followed Activity or Communications. Keep in mind, though, that if you set your email preferences to send mail about everything followed or everything tracked, this setting overrides the individual email setting. Setting an email notification is a very useful way to choose a few items for special notification if you don't want to be overwhelmed with email about everything that happens in a place or project.