Your 5 megaton blast withstanding hideaway in Carmel Valley CA

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Jamesburg.jpgRight out of the pages of a 1970's spy novel, and hidden in plain sight, the Jamesburg Earth Station located in a rural area of Carmel Valley, California was in the hands of AT&T and COMSAT for  a long time (1969 through 2002) and then has passed through several private owners. It may be still for sale, hard to say.

It's a weird kind of place, formerly guarded 24 hours a day, but now visitors can call the realtor for access, I hope. One wag described the huge dish, frozen in an upright position, as the world's biggest birdbath!

It was built to withstand a 5 MT atomic blast, cold comfort in the Cold War.  A realtor who was attempting to sell this unique place posted a good video of the site here.


So, if you are lost on rural Carmel Valley Road near the hamlet of Cachagua, far from civilization, see if you can get in and take a look at the place.  From what I hear some of the mechanisms that move the dish are now working again.

Here's a Google Map overhead view of the place.

18773 Cachagua Road, Carmel Valley, CA 93924 - Google Maps - Mozilla Firefox 3112012 113145 AM.bmp.jpg