So about that sock juice…

Discussion created by jkernitzki on Mar 12, 2012
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I absolutely refuse to drink the utter nastiness that the in-room coffee represents, and that's coming from someone that spent 11 years of a 20-year Navy career at sea. Trust me, I know what bad coffee is.  I have found in a couple Courtyards—CY San Diego Liberty Station comes to mind—an absolutely wonderful alternative to the Playskool coffeemakers stocked with ten-year old coffee. There are hotel-service design Keurig (K Cup) machines that, with decent water, make a drinkable cuppa joe.  There was a small selection of coffee & tea in the room, but the beauty of it is, I can bring cups from home, or I can simply go to the nearest BB&B, Sears, Target, or Wally World and get a box of my preferred brew for use in the hotel.  Also, with the selection of teas & hot chocolate available in K Cups now, everyone can have their favorite. Even Starbuck's has most of their coffees in K Cups now (or Dunkin Donuts, if you prefer).  The CL could even keep a small variety for us to take back to the room.


So, Insiders, is this one of those things that would make you a happier camper?