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Portable technology and travel.  Staying plugged in.

Question asked by pluto77 on Mar 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2013 by pluto77

At the end of this month I shall punish myself no more when I cease self castigation by surrendering my BlackBerry (Crackberry) to the hell in which it rightfully belongs.  I am looking for a new device which will serve me well while traveling, particularly abroad (Europe).  The two things I will require most in my new device(s) is to have a fast browser independent of wi-fi, with a readable screen and the ability to video chat (very important).  My carrier is AT&T, which will not change.  Wondering if I need a phone and a wi-fi only tablet with tethering, or just a great phone, or just a great tablet and a not so stellar phone.  Driod vs. iPhone, 3G/4G tablet vs. wi-fi tablet.  Looking for the cheapest way to get the job done, of course.  Least expensive outlay and least expensive monthly service.  There are no professional business requirements.  Strictly leisure travel.  Also, how to transfer all of my travel notes to my device (right now all my notes are in Microsoft OneNote) or the Cloud?


Which technology trail are you headed down?  Are you happy with your device(s) and configuration?  How do you find your free Marriott wi-fi connections to be?  Why/why not?