Hemingway House and Cats, Key West FL

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DSCN9796.JPGWhile in Key West a few weeks ago I took some photos of the Ernest Hemingway home and the famous "special" cats who live there.  The place is a garden like one, and the docents are in the Papa spirit--a tad loose with the history and funny at the same time.  The cats, the ones with all those extra toes, are everywhere and seem not to mind the steady stream of visitors, even are willing to have their photo taken by me and countless others.DSCN9798.JPGDSCN9806.JPG  The gene for Polydactyl cats is recessive so parents could both have it and have kittens without that extra toe thing.


Of course it is more than a sanctuary for cat lovers here, it is the home of a great American writer, a man with a troubled life and a sad end.  If you have time this is a good place to spend a couple hours strolling the grounds, petting the cats or just remembering the Old Man and the Sea.  You will enjoy the time.DSCN9807.JPGDSCN9804.JPGDSCN9812.JPGDSCN9788.JPGDSCN9800.JPG


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