Washington, MO., "Historic Heartland of America"! (#1)

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Everyday I try to do something "Special", I won't be as lucky as NUHusker, to fly in a jet, but Shoeman provided me with an idea, that is to enjoy a "Place a week".  So after driving from my TPS, in Fenton, MO (Right next to the FF), a 40 minute drive out I-44 and then Hwy 100, you can what America is all about.  Yes, another historic "Missouri Rivertown", and I have seen a lot of them.  As Lewis & Clark, explored, my experiences from St. Louis, Jefferson City, Kansas City, St. Joseph, Mo, Omaha, Souix City, IA, all the way thru Montana, beyond Great Falls, Montana have been wonderful.


Yesterday, I dedicated some time, and got a good walk in, driving and taking some photo's in this interesting town.  The first set of photo's are hopefully of interest to Shoeman and his wife, who is a Washington native.  Anyone, would appreciate the community pride here, and that is evidenced by the tremendous amount of "Old Glories" flying in the brisk winds today.  Some of these may bring back memories.  Here are some photo's:  (Will put more out on another thread)



The "Old and famous, Patke's Dairy"



Rothschild's where dining goes back many years!