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We have recently stayed at the Marriott in Singapore, the hotel is currently undergoing renovation, but one would never know it. We had a wonderful room overlooking Singapore and guest relations was the best. Outstanding service by Janet Ke !!!!!!!!!!!! We could not make the electric outlets work, she sent approp. personnell, still could not make it work. She made sure by personal visit was was wrong, even gave us a new adaptor and as a token of excellent service a bottle of comp. wine. We were bowled over by the wonderful service, constant smiles and sincere effort to really do the best f. the client. Kudoos to her and the rest of guest relations.

A similar expericen waited f. us in the HongKong Renaisssance hotel. I had a terrbile cold and the concierge staff went out of their way with extrav service and home remedies like tee w. honey and lemon and again, service was exceptional. I do not remember their names, but all were just super!! It is no small wonder we like the Marriott. I heard similar comments from other passengers on our cruise, sometimes one has to make sure their expectations are reasonable and not outrageous when one reads the blogs. Thanks again, Carol C.