Making Cuban cigars in Key West Florida

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Now that we're back in Monterey California I have had a chance to look at the various photographs that we took on our recent two-week trip to southwestern and southeastern Florida.  While in Key West we saw several cigar manufacturing facilities, many of which have historical roots on the island of Cuba. While the majority of cigar making has moved Florida specifically a place called Ybor city, there remains a small manufacturing group of cigar rollers in Key West. Having tasted Cuban cigars overseas, specifically in Canada and Spain, I must say that the excitement that comes from using a contraband item outweighs the taste and the pleasure of the cigar. Here is a photograph of one of the stands along Duval Street in Key West. I did not ask the gentleman where the leaf comes from but I am almost certain it is not from Cuba.DSCN9780.JPG


I almost forgot to mention that my wife forbids me from smoking cigars while in the United States. I am sure that if we were to travel overseas she might enforce that rule as well.