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I make reservations for 3 (two co-workers and myself) for ever stay required for work.  I also pay for these stays for all as well.  In the past on Marriott's reservation website they would keep these three as one and under one reservation number but three rooms reserved.  Weeks ago Marriott change, and once I make the reservations the automatically break them up into there different reservation numbers.  It just easier for me to make and control  @all three then have the other two make their own reservations.


Now my issue:

1) If I need to change these reservations, I must do all three separately.

2) I get three separate emails from Marriott reminding me of my next upcoming reservations

3) If at checkin (and this happens too often) they cannot find my reservation, I now must keep track of three reservation numbers not just one.


Am I the only one here the prefers the old method?  Does everyone else (or most) like separated reservation numbers.


Wishing Marriott would change it back