Going "under cover" in N.W. Washington DC

Discussion created by anadyr on Mar 6, 2012
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OK cloak and dagger fans, here is your chance to live the Bond lifestyle at the International Spy Museum located near China Town in Northwest Washington DC, and a middle length walk from the JW on Pennsylvania Avenue.


Having been involved in the creation of the place and considered (ever so briefly) as curator for it, I feel a warm spot for the museum.  If you can prove that you're in the trade (and that's very hard to do) there is a one dollar discount for admission.  If you have an ID card that says spy on it you most likely made it yourself!


But is is a fun place to visit, to assume new identities, gaze on gadgets that even Bond and Company never tried, and have a nice few hours.  The gift shop has expensive items that you might never wear at home or abroad unless you enjoy being spotted and tailed.


Jaleo, a Tapas place around the corner, is an excellent pre- or post-Museum dining spot.