Spirit to Serve Nomination - Roody C - Renaissance DC Dupont Circle

Discussion created by clynnblake on Mar 5, 2012
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I have been a longtime Marriott customer and a Platinum Elite member.  My current project has me working in DC for several days a week.  What started as a 6-month assignment has extended now to over 18 months.  To meet my clients' nightly hotel allowability, I was spending tons of time always looking for the good deal that would keep me in a Marriott property.  With the start of Spring in this area, all the available online rates were going to make my weekly stays impossible to book at a Marriott.  I was put in touch with Roody and he was amazing.  Not only did he work out a deal that would meet my client's requirements, he booked all my reservations for the next 3 months and had them loaded to my profile.  In addition, he sent me a listing of all the dates, confirmations, etc.  As if all of this was not enough, when I checked in for the first reservation that Roody had arranged for me, I was pleasantly surprised with a fabulous upgrade.


Being on the road and away from home every week can be very taxing.  Thanks to Roody, he has raised the bar for providing exceptional customer service and my Renaissance DC my home away from home!!