National Cryptologic Museum, Fort Meade Maryland, USA

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museumsign.jpgThis museum, located adjacent to the National Security Agency, NSA, is located within the former Colony Seven motel, but the building, is much changed and enlarged.  Admission is free and everyone is welcome.

Anyone familiar (through popular literature or actual experience) with the code making and code breaking business will enjoy this place, which gives you a peek into the world of ciphers throughout history. 

New to this all? No matter since the docents are retired NSA employees who know their stuff. and are glad to fill you in on this formerly Secret world of codes and code breakling.

You can get to the Museum via the Baltimore/Washington Parkway or via Route 32.  Be sure that you pull into the Museum not the entrance to NSA itself, since the guards are not that happy to entertain misguided tourists.


Enigma.jpgI highly recommend that anyone visiting spend time looking at the Enigma machines, first used by the Germans in WWII

Also interesting is the exhibit of the Venona program, the breaking of Soviet five letter coded telegrams sent during WWII.  The program remained under wraps until the late 1980s.


There's a gift shop, too, for things that we all need or want.