Signing onto Insiders

Discussion created by mikiegfla on Mar 5, 2012
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After complaining about this issue for over three years, is there any way to escalate it?


When my session on a Marriott site (any site, reservations, Rewards or Insiders) times out and I sign-in again, the browser does not continue on it's way where it was originally destined in the first place. For example, if I click on a link on an email sent to me by Marriott which directs me to a Marriott site, I get the ubiquitous screen that my session has timed out and that I need to sign in again. Once I sign on, the browser always goes to the main Marriott reservation page, not the original page I had intended to go. I can't think of any other hospitality website that I use which has this same problem, then again, they don't timeout because they all remember me from my previous visit.


The Insider site is even worse. When I close my browser my sign-on information is cleared each and every time. This means that to reply to a posting I need to sign-in every time. Can't Marriott get with it and implement "persistence" on the site? Persistence, for those that don't work on software, is the concept that the site will remember your user id and settings from session to session, until the time that it is physically cleared or the user manually signs off.