Alabama Golf Resorts and PE Status.

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I'd like to say I'm not going to B***h, but it's going to sound that way.


I just checked out of Auburn Marriott Opelika Hotel & Conference Center at Grand National  to check into the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort & Spa. Two hours apart, both on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, both great looking, excelent staff, well appointed rooms, resort environments.


I could have stayed at Opelika tonight, where for 100$ a night I was getting breakfast for the 5 of us for free, as they gave PE's that and didn't charge for the babys. I didn't get an upgrade to my room, the hotel is/was full.


I checked out a day early for Birmingham, because MR bribed me, 10,000 MR points for guests checking in on Sundays in the month of March. So one night here is going to earn me 2000 (room rate)+ 1000(50% bonus) + 500 (check in gift)+ 10,000 (promotional Bonus) = 13,500 , not bad.


So I'm checking in at near midnight, be happy for the points, get a good nights sleep and head to Memphis in the Am, right?


Well, here's the b****h part. The place has 5 levels of rooms from Standard King up to Corner Suites (1 Bedroom Larger Suite, 1 King, Sofabed, Bathrooms: 1.5, Partial Golf view, Corner room, Balcony). There are not 30 cars in the lot, the place is empty, I know, my room is overlooking said parking lot. You mean to tell me they couldn't at least "upgrade" me to a pool view room, let alone the "small suite" or tower suite? This is a huge "COME ON MAN" moment.


And its a resort so, there won't be any exec lounge or free breakfast, that we aren't entitled to but that some properties still honor.


Place is great, awesome, I'm not complaining, but my expectation of what PE status should provide, it is deaply wounded tonight.


Message was edited by: fitzit ******edit****** On further review this AM, if I go out on my balcony (which is huge) I can walk around the outside of my room and see the pool. So they may imagine that this is a corner and a pool view. Sitting at this desk and looking out the window/door, All I see is patio and shuttle buses in the parking lot. *******edit******* For you gents looking for golf, Birmingham is easier to access and a more seasoned. Auburn's Grand National was great but they are in the middle of a lot of construction for both the resort and new homes.