Jefferson Barracks, The Final "Resting Place" for many Veterans!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Mar 3, 2012
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A 15 minute drive from the FF, Fenton, Mo (St. Louis), is a most "Humbling experience".  A visit to Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery.  Today, I took that drive from the FF, and would recommend the experience to all.  I do not know how many "Hero's", are buried here, these are the people who paid the ultimate price so I can travel each week and enjoy freedom. I know we have many people on this site that are Veterans, and I so greatly enjoy the contributions of two for sure, SS and NUHusker


The JBNC, is along the beautiful and historic banks of the Mississippi, and I will show you with pictures how interesting this "Sobering" site is.  I should also mention there is a wonderful County Park next to the JBNC, that is great for walking, jogging, or just enjoying nature.  Here are some photo's that "Say it all"!  If you are traveling from Chicago, or anywhere North of St. Louis, to New Orleans, or anywhere South, as soon as you cross the Mississippi, you will want to get off at Exit 2, go North, and take a right turn into JBNC, here is what you will see: