Anchorage Marriott Downtown, Iditarod (Ceremonial Start)

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Second night at the Anchorage Marriott Downtown....  Observations:

  • Really nice panoramic view of the water (although the snow has currently obscured it).  Sorry, lousy photos - alas - you can actually see my camera in the reflection in the first one - but you get the idea...  If the sky clears, I'll take and post better photos.
    • view-1.JPGP1010634.JPG.
  • Nice, warm greeting at the check-in desk.
    • Thanked me for being Platinum.
    • Immediately - without being asked - changed me from the 4th to the 12th floor and put me on the "view" side of the hotel.  She literally scoffed at my original room assignment.
      • She also (promptly) called for foam pillows to be brought up to my new room (and they appeared almost immediately).
    • My heart goes out to the poor folks that man the reception area.  The reception area is tiny, and it's right across from the main entrance/exit/taxi stand.  It was REALLY cold standing there.  Everyone we saw checking in joked about it.  But it wouldn't be funny if you were standing behind that desk in a suit (rather than in winter outdoor gear)....
  • Perfect location - close to the water, museum, convention center, mall, etc.
  • Hotel is - apparently - at least partially under renovation (although I don't remember being advised of that when I made the reservation or prior to my arrival - which, frankly, is a little irritating).
  • My room - which is nice enough - was recently remodeled, but the closet sliding glass door is already off the rails - not good.
    • Excellent work surface - they've got the rolling desk-under-desk set up (which I really appreciate).
    • No robes or slippers (which seems strange, because it's pretty chilly).
    • No safe or fridge in the room.
    • Classic tube TV - haven't seen one of those in a Marriott for ages!!!!
  • Wall Street Journal at my door when I awoke at 5:15. Nice!
  • Temporary concierge lounge is unimpressive, but they gave us breakfast buffet coupons, and we really enjoyed the breakfast buffet.  Nothing terribly special, but they had all the basics (including plentiful, colorful, tasty fresh fruit in large quantities).
  • My colleague said that the bottle of wine they delivered as my Platinum welcome gift was quite good.  I ate the mixed nuts - they hit the spot.
  • Haven't been up here for nearly 20 years... Alas, frankly, I like the city better when it's warm and green.  Such is life.
  • The (largely ceremonial) start of the Iditarod was today, so there was lots of action downtown.  It was a LOT of fun.
  • Id-7.JPGId-6.JPGId-9.JPGId-4.JPGId-8(Balto).JPGAnd, yes, that's Balto (and you can see him in NYC too)!!!
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