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JW Marriott Desert Springs, service down hilll!

Question asked by astonsam on Feb 28, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2012 by hurleyg

I recently stayed at the JW desert springs near palm springs CA. The hotel had quite a renovation but they forgot to renovate the staff and their attitude. Prices are outrages! Have to pay to use everything even though they charge you a manditory resort fee! I dont understand how creative they get in pulling money out of your pocket. The manager said upon check in " we are new hotel we have to charge for everything" .. make you feel welcomed, valued and comfortable....NOT!

Billing was a nightmare. Room service bills added to our statement even though we never used room service. He was not kidding when he said we have to charge you for everything.... he forgot to mention, things you use and dont use.

Bad experience. I have stayed at this hotel over a 100 times, this is by far the worst experience there. What a shame!