Aqua Restaurant on Fifth Avenue, Naples Florida

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Hanging out with the rich and famous can be tiring at times.  We do it for all the right reasons: our friends have large houses and often do not know we're in situ, when they find out they smile weakly and go about their business, etc.  Naples Florida is our latest venue.


While they are out yachting we do hit the stores and the bars and happened upon Aqua, which is fairly new and often jammed.  Being a Monday we were fortunate to get two seats at the very nice bar where Molly was working as a bar tender.  All drinks during Happy Hour (2-7, M/F) are 4 dollars even top shelf ones!  Appetizers are marvelous as well--I recommend the Mahi Mahi smoked pate.  Food prices are at the end of the high range in the dining area but you can make aq meal of appetizers and of course, Libations. 


Highly recommended if the Rolls is in for detailing