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The Ritz-Carlton and the Rewards Program

Question asked by missgee on Feb 27, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2012 by anadyr

I have tried searching for some current information on this but have come up blank.  All (old) posts on this topic say the R-C does not award Marriott points for stays but my husband and I recently stayed at one and he says his account was credited the points.  I am going to be travelling in the near future and I'm weighing my options.  Does anyone know the answers to the following questions:


  • Does the Ritz now honour the Marriott Rewards points?
  • Do they recognize Platinum Elite members with upgrades?
  • Do they provide Club Level access for Platinum Elite members?
  • Is there a way to upgrade to Club Level when using Rewards points for a stay?
  • I see they have a Rewards program also.  Is there any advantage/disadvantage to switching your Marriott Rewards program to their Ritz Rewards program?


Thank you to anyone who can offer any insight into this.