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Roll away beds

Question asked by pbsr_platinum on Feb 27, 2012

As a business traveler, who generally travels alone, i'm pretty "easy":  A clean, quiet, fully functioning room  is really all i need.    And, I  especially like Marriott for its consistency.    However, on occasion I do travel with my family.   And, i don't think we're the exception:  Me, my wife, an 18 year old daughter & a 16 year old son.   So why is it so difficult to find a room  with 2 beds AND a roll-away bed?   And, so many Marriotts (at least in the SF Bay Area) who do NOT offer roll-aways.   Of course, the full service, fully equipped rooms offer them.  But, i'm  not exactly rolling in dough to be able to pay for those rooms.   (over 250/night).      I have started to "game" the reservation system  by asking for a room  for 5 adults, so that they will realize i need 3 beds in some form..  But, Courtyards & Town Place (where I usually stay) are seemiing to become pretty inflexible.  I even called a TownPlace today, asking about them, and was told "no, we have none on the property"..... When I described my situation, i got silence in response.    And, I am  having to call individual hotels (or have the PPR line call) to find this out.          


It would also sure be nice to be able to add "Roll-away" as a criteria for my room..      Oh well, this trip may have me earning Starwood points.